Balance And Gait Disorder

Balance and gait disorder causes the problem of walking mainly in older adults. With the time period body start to lose its balance, and we can face difficulty in walking that can cause misbalance and lead to some major injuries. This problem can be short term or can continue for a long time.

People dealing with vertigo, brain tumor, obesity, migraine, etc. can suffer from balance and gait disorder. The pain can be in one leg or both the legs: you can feel the numbness.

The problem in ears or vision can also cause balance and gait disorder, and you can fall due to misbalancing. To solve this issue, you require the necessary treatment

1. Attend physical therapy sessions and seek medical attention.
2. To regain the balance: you need rehabilitation.

Visit your doctor immediately and identify the reason for having gait and balance disorder to avoid future complications.

Balance and Gait Disorder

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