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Licensed Physical Therapist

Bindu Sharma (the owner) is a seasoned NY state licensed physical therapist who has been practicing in the NYC area for more than a decade. She is very well versed in devising a broad range of treatments and modalities to restore function and alleviate patients’ disability. She specializes in the field of manual and trigger point therapy.
The physical therapy at Sharma Rehabilitation is the best-in-class top rated physical therapy in Queens NYC. With my more than 15+ years of experience and growth, I am well known in Queens NYC area, and my team of well qualified board-certified and experienced clinicians, provide one-on-one PT treatment, using state of the art equipment, and proven techniques which reduce pain quickly and make patients functionally independent with an aim of complete recovery and well-being.

Sherry Ann Sumira

Physical Therapist
Education: Angeles University Foundation
Angeles City, Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
Graduated in 2006


Licensed Physical therapist with more than 10 years of experience Assessing and treating patients with large variety of musculoskeletal/ orthopedic condition, treating patients pre and post operatively Treatment methods are patient-tailored which includes manual techniques, soft tissue mobilization/ myofascial release and exercise rehabilitation Has strong work ethics and believes in building strong relationship with each patient to deliver the best possible care and to achieve their goals Loves to travel and when not working, enjoys spending time with family

Crystal Caracciolo

Physical Therapy Assistant
Education: LaGuardia Community College
Graduated in 2005


Crystal graduated from LaGuardia Community College in 2005 with a degree in applied science.

She has been working as a physical therapist assistant for over a decade in various physical therapy settings.She has worked in nursing homes, orthopedic and sports medicine care, aquatic therapy and balance centers and has a diversity of knowledge surrounding the human body.

Crystal has a passion for helping others to live their best lives, heal their bodies and finds joy in seeing her patients improve.

Susan Dutan

Licensed Manual Massage therapist
Education: Swedish Institute
Graduated in 2012


Susan has 10+ years of experience in the Medical manual massage therapy. She has a deep knowledge in different massage modalities including Active Release therapy(ART), Trigger point release etc.. and is also certified in medical massage, prenatal, orthopedic and lymphatic drainage.

Susan is passionate about her work and always tries her best to make patients reduce muscle pain and tension, improves joint flexibility and mobility, aid in the recovery of soft tissue injuries, improve circulation, and reduce stress hormones and depression.

Proud of be able to speak Spanish and English which has helped Susan to communicate better with patients