Dizziness Vertigo

The spinning rounds you are playing on suddenly stopped and left you with the feeling like your whole world went upside down, and everything is spinning. You can call this feeling Dizziness vertigo. Sometimes, The dizziness you feel in your body can not be defined in words. Voting, trouble in walking, nausea, and difficulty in balancing your body are the hints that you are suffering from dizziness vertigo. It can be chronic if it continues for more than a month. It can be ordinary for the old age people due to the increase in age.

The cause of dizziness vertigo is a disorder in your ear or brain. Your ears give you a sense of motion, and due to any injury, you start losing your balance. Vertigo can make you feel dizzy all the time. If it’s not an injury, then the drugs or medicines you are taking for a long time can also cause side effects and cause you dizziness.

Vertigo can heal if you stop taking the tablets or reduce the dose.

1. Start doing physical exercises that include the moment of eyes and head.
2. Attend physical therapy sessions to recover from dizziness.
3. Place the items where you can reach them easily.

Dizziness Vertigo

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