Foot And Ankle Pain

It is very usual to suffer from foot and ankle pain, as many incidents can cause foot and ankle injury. It can be a small injury like a sprain while walking or running or pain because of wearing tight shoes, but not always. If you don’t give proper attention and rest, then this problem can become severe and can make you regret a lifetime. Various reasons can cause foot and ankle injuries like nerve compression, arthritis, or infection. In some cases, pain can be resolved quickly but not always. In other cases, it can grab you for a lifetime and make your situation worse. So to avoid that situation to come, you need to follow some precautions.

1. Take as much rest as possible; avoid putting heavy pressure on your feet.
2. Apply Ice pack on foot and ankle at least once in a day to reduce swelling and pain.
3. Tie a compression bandage to give support to your foot or ankle.
4. Keep massaging the painful area to increase the blood flow and reduce swelling.
5. Wear slipper or shoes which are comfortable for walking.

If these things don’t work in your case, then seek medical advice immediately

Foot and Ankle Pain

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